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I became a Radio Amateur in High School in 1971.  Of course I started as a Novice and was "Elmered" by Bill Stocking, W8BVU who lived across the street and had a home made tower constructed from a telephone pole and 2 x 6 wood boards for his 40-20-15 meter quad. It could be tilted down to work on the quad and rotor.  After passing the 5wpm code test at the FCC office in downtown Detroit I was granted the call of WB8KTC.  My first rig was a 100w CW only box that I built myself with Bills assistance constructing the tube oscillator circuit and configuration.  It was a 40 meter rig that made multiple hunded contacts over its short life. 

In less than two years I studied for and passed the test for my General ticket along with the 13wpm code portion.  At that time I continued making contacts on 40 meters in the A3 section of the band. 

After we moved from that location, I let my license expire.  I began to get the "bug" again in 2016 and sat down to take the Technician test in November.  Upon passing the test and under the current rules, I was granted a General class license with the call of KE8FNH.  I then applied for and received my current call W8GMD.  I got back on the air with a Heathkit HW-101 transceiver and a multi-meter window whip that I used indoors. 

The bug has grown and I have expanded my collection of Heathkit rigs and supplemented them with iComs as well.  I've also collected a Vibroplex key (bug) and am getting my morse codes skills honed.  Still being limited to a non-external antenna, i'm using a 300 ohm twinlead fed with a 450 ohm ladder line from a MFJ-xxx tuner.  I'm currently constructing my shack and will have photos as I progress.
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Pending Legislation

The House has voted and passed H.R. 555 The Amateur Radio Parity Act so now it is time for the Senate to do the same.  Of course it is up to us Amateurs to make our voices heard to make sure that they vote for Senate bill S 1534. 

Rick Roderick, K5UR, has posted this information and I'll link it here so that it is easy for you to read the letter and have your signed copy go to your state senator prompting them to vote in our favor.  With all the restrictions that are being imposed upon us by so many home associations and the general population living under such restrictions, it is necessary that we have fighting chance to be able to practice our art and hobby.

So please follow this link and send a signed letter to your senators.

Currently, October 2017, the bill is sitting in the Senate.  Call, write or bug your senator to get this going.  Thanks,

Update for end of 2018.  The bill did not go thru as a rider in the Senate.  It did pass the House.

Garry D